About Us

About Us

Career Sisters ™ is here to help forge the careers and businesses of women of color. We are a place where sisters can connect.

Our Community

Our space was developed for (and designed by Erin Blane Design) women; everything from the modern, jewel tone furnishings to the empowering photos and quotes all inspired by Women of Color.  It’s intimate aesthetics and transforming experience can be a co-working space, a home base, a lounge, a social club, a meeting space or just a drop by and get your makeup done space for sisters depending on their mood and current needs.

  • Provide clients training courses that give professional women a market advantage in their chosen field or entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Provide clients with individualize coaching that helps them refine critical leadership skill for business settings
  • Provide clients with guidance on leveraging resources and building professional relationships (mentors, sponsors, collaborators and partners) to fulfill entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Provide clients with the insights required to strategically achieve professional milestones, including, but not limited to, salary parity, promotions. and leadership opportunities.
  • Provide clients with a superior co-working environment to serve as the setting for their professional development and/or the incubator of their entrepreneurial projects.
  • Provide women of color a safe space to exist free from biases and discrimination. Create a protective environment where they can be vulnerable, but resilient and can support other women in the spirit of sisterhood and shared experiences.


Career Sisters offers a safe space for women of color to connect and E.M.E.R.G.E.

Our Vision

We would like to share our space specifically designed with Women of Color in mind. By empowering women – Our concept is simple,  “A place where sisters from all walks of life can connect and E.M.E.R.G.E.”


Fern Johnson

Founder / CEO

Fern Johnson, MBA
Founder & CEO

Fern Johnson is the founder of Career Sisters. She guides strategic direction and builds strategic relationships to promote Career Sisters. Her responsibilities include, but not limited to making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, and acting as the main point of communication between the advisory board and corporate operations. (READ MORE)

Sonya E Hodges, MBA

Career Coach

Sonya E. Hodges, MBA, CPCC
Career Consultant

As an accomplished HR professional with over 18 years of experience in the private sector and has worked in several industries to include healthcare, insurance, construction equipment and professional services.  Sonya is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable companies to recruit, train and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Sonya has extensive generalist experience and expertise which includes talent management, staffing, learning and development, and leadership and management coaching.

Nicole Kirkland

HR Advisor

Nicole Mitchell-Kirkland
HR Consultant

Certified professional with working knowledge of current HR policies and best practices.  Primary area of expertise is the development of organizational structure and enhancing company stability. 15+ years professional experience in retail, state and federal government and the private sector provides a unique perspective on employee relations and company needs. Hands-on approach to drive proven results based in practical application not just in theory.


Rashonda Tate

Social Media Manager

Courtney Dorsey

Community Manager

Sheena Croutch

Operations Manager


Red arrow going through the maze. Path across labyrinth. Computer generated image.



Chair of Career Services


Chair of Human Resources


Chair of Branding, Owner of The REd Brand


Board Secretary


Learning and Development Coach,

Senior Adviser at Muller and Monroe Asset Management, LLC


Chair of Marketing, Owner of BRANDpreneur


Executive C-Level Board Advisor

Principle of Conceptious Consulting


Strategic Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion Consultant


Light House Early Start Academy, Inc.

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